In the heart of Transylvania, on the quiet shores of Târnava Mare, in the small village of Micăsasa in Sibiu county, on November 3rd, November Cross disputes its second edition.

After a first edition in which everything was perfect, Cyclocross Nation together with Micasasa Connect invites you to a perfect cycling show.

The second stage of the National Cyclocross Cup, this year the competition is aimed at foreign athletes, being included in the Calendar of UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale).

In addition to the competition for cyclocross riders, this year we are preparing a race for Mountain Bike.

November Cross UCI C2 Micasasa is a race registered in the International Cycling Union (UCI) calendar and is the stage in the National Cycling Championship.


The organizer of the “November Cross UCI C2” competition is the Cyclocross Nation Association in collaboration with Micasasa Connect and the Romanian Cycling Federation


The contest is held in the locality of Micasasa located in the north of Sibiu county. See the exact location on Google Map


The track contains cyclocross specific obstacles including barriers, steps, two sand pits, a off-camber section, a brigde, and lots of tight turns. A lap is about 2.8km in length.


  • online, by filling in the form from the right
  • on the spot on the day of the competition, one hour before each event.

Minimum age
The minimum age for participating in November Cross UCI C2 is 8 years, minors will be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will give written consent for participation.

Both licensed and unlicensed athletes can participate. At MTB, the only rule that applies is the minimum age of 14 years.

Cyclocross Categories

  • CX Elite Male
  • CX Elite Women
  • CX Junior Men
  • CX Amateur Male Open
  • CX Women’s Amateur Open

MTB Categories

  • MTB Men’s Open – 14+ years old
  • MTB Women’s Open – 14+ years old

Children Categories

  • Children between 8-11 years
  • Children between 11-14 years

Mandatory Equipment

The cycling helmet is MANDATORY both during the competition and during the training sessions.

It is forbidden to cut / drill the competition number.

Event schedule

Saturday, 2nd November

  • 15:00 – Cyclocross Nation School (registration through facebook)
  • 17:00 – Kit pickup and registration in the basement of Brukental Castle of Micasasa
  • 17:30 – Cyclocross Nation School award ceremony
  • 18:30 – Race briefing
  • 19:00 – Party at the Castle – Techno live set: cata.lin b2b okta

Sunday, 3rd November.

  • 08:30 – 11:00 – Kit pickup and registration at the race venue
  • 09:30 – Start MTB Open (men & women) – 60 mins;
  • 11:00 – Start Children – 25 mins;
  • 12:00 – Start CX Amateurs and Men Juniors – 60 mins / 40 mins;
  • 13:30 – Start CX Elite Women – 40 mins;
  • 15:00 – Start CX Elite Men – 60 mins;
  • 16:30 – Award ceremony
  • 17:00 – Live Concert: The Musicals

Event Regulations

(click on each title to go through the rule sections)

During the race

  • In case of a flat tire or other technical issue, the rider must clear the track to avoid potential accidents. However, if the rider steps outside the track, he or she must remain at a maximum of 10 metres from the track in the visual field of race officials and other participants.
  • In case of a flat tire or other technical issue, the rider must continue in the direction of travel of the race. He or she is not allowed to go backwards or take shortcuts to reach a “Tech Zone”
  • Bike changes are only allowed in dedicated areas marked as “Tech Zone”
  • A superiorly faster rider approaching from behind must be allowed to overpass safely


A rider will be disqualified if he/she:

  • Takes shortcuts against the track markings
  • Isn’t wearing the helmet
  • Has no sense of Fair Play or brings insults to other participants, race officials or spectators
  • Uses outside help (motorvehicles, ebikes etc.)
  • Changes the race number
  • Changes the bike outside of designated areas marked as “Tech Zone”
  • Deteriorates, cuts, bends the race cip, or mounts the cip against the indications of race officials
  • Throws garbage on the track, outside the dedicated feed zone areas or the finish area. DQs may also occur after the race, based on photo or video evidence of a rider littering.

Mandatory equipment

  • Helmet is MANDATORY during races and also training rides.
  • All bikes must be human powered only
  • Cyclocross specfic races requires cyclocross specific bikes. The race number will be mounted on the jersey backside.
  • MTB specific races require mountain bikes or trekking bikes. The race number will be mounted on the handlerbar in the front.

Recommended equipment

  • Water bidons (preferably in a bottle cage mounted on the bike)
  • Glasses or goggles (to protect against insects, grit, dust, tree branches etc.)
  • Small pump, extra inner tube, inner tube patches
  • An extra derailleur hanger
  • Protection against moisture for the mobile phone

Participant responsibilities

  • all competitors participate in the competition on their own responsibility;
  • each participant is obliged to follow the directions of the route organizers;
  • the competitor who suffers an accident or any kind of material damage (bicycle, other equipment) participates on his own responsibility and renounces by himself the registration to the competition to any right to claim compensation;
  • the competitors must know the regulation, to take into account the information announced by the organizers, even if they are not drafted in this regulation;
  • in case of finding an accident, the competitors are obliged to report it to the next checkpoint or to call the emergency number displayed on the contest number or 112;
  • the competitors are obliged to respect the rules of environmental protection;
  • the competitors are obliged to protect / avoid any spectators, animals or citizens who accidentally arrived on the route.

Organiser responsibilities

  • ensures the contest route marked accordingly;
  • ensures rehydration and verification points;
  • ensures the placing of control points along the route and observing the order of arrival of the competitors at them;
  • ensures safety at start and finish, through guard and medical support;
  • ensures the technical session before the competition;

In adverse weather conditions, the Organizer may decide to stop / postpone / cancel the competition.

Note: The organizer is exempt from liability if during the race the public or the competitors damage the guide markings.


The organizer reserves the right to use on his own behalf or by assignment to the contest partners, any photographic, video and audio material with the November Cross competitors, during the course of this contest (including from the start / finish line and the podium premieres). Those who want to use these materials are asked to allow and mention the event from which they come.Note: If the competition is prevented by force majeure events and / or adverse weather events, the organizer reserves the right to decide, as the case may be, to postpone / stop / extend the contest or modify the route.The Organizer reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time, whenever necessary and without any prior notification. These possible changes will be published on the official website of the November Cross competition

By registering for the contest the participants declare that they agree with the processing of personal data by the organizer, as well as with the participation in November Cross thus, implies the acceptance and consent of the participants that their personal data be stored and processed by the Cyclocross Nation in order to conduct the Contest .

We mention that the personal data entered in the form will NOT be transferred nor used for other purposes, except to verify the correctness of the classification in the participation category and for the useful information of the competitors.

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